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NATO Tiger Meet 2021 is Over

With the lowering of the flags on Thursday May 13th in the evening, and awarding the trophies so ends NATO Tiger Meet 2021.

NATO Tiger Meet 2021 Spotters Day's

NTM2021 Patch

Spottersday's to go ahead during NTM2021

The Portugees Air Force has decided to go ahead with 2 spotters day's during NATO Tiger Meet 2021 (restricted to 300 people per day)

For more information, and a way to register, is on the NTM2021 website

The Tigers mourn!

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of the Godfather of the Nato Tiger Association Donald "Don" Verhees.

Last Flight of the Saab 105Öe

1JTS 50years Saab105Öe A2A (photo by Katsuhiko Takunaga)

On The last day of the year between 14:19Z and 15:09Z the legendary Saab 105Oë made its last flight in the service of the Austrian Military, after a career of just over 50 year.

The retirement of the 105 also resulted in the Disbandment of the 1st

Announcement XTM2021 @Kleine Brogel

XTM 2021 logo

31SQN is proud to announce an XT-Roar-dinary Tiger Event, called ‘XTM Joint Jubilee 2021’.

This will be a condensed flying exercise starting as from the 7th of September and fading out on the 14th of September.
Main theme is 60 years Nato Tiger

NTM 2020 Cancelled

Today April 23rd, 2020 a decision was made to cancel NTM 2020.

NTM 2020 Postponed

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, The Portugees Air Force has decided to postpone NATO Tiger Meet 2020.

301 Jaguars are back

Esquadron 301 Poses in front of their anniversary jet during NTM2019 (photo by David Goovaerts)

After an absence of 8 years 301 Squadron "Jaguares" are back as flying participants in a NATO Tiger meet.
During the 2011 event, the last one hosted by EC 1/12 "Cambresis", they went home with the Silver Tiger Trophy.

This year the Portugees

New NTA Full Members

The Escadrille d'Hélicoptères de Reconnaissance et d'Attaque n°3 (EHRA 3) that has joined in NATO Tiger Meet's in the past years, of which the last two as probationary member has been awarded with its "Tiger Spirit" and has received the Full Member