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Belgian AF 'Tiger' reaches 5000Hrs on the F-16

'Vrieske' During NTM2012
'Vrieske' posing in the cockpit of his F-16 after a NTM2012 mission

During a training Flight on Friday March 5th 2021, 'Vrieske' will achieve the milestone of 5000Hrs in the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

'Vrieske', a member of the famous 31 Squadron of the Belgian Air Force achieved his first 1000Hr milestone with that other Kleine Brogel Sqn, the 23rd 'Devils', the others where all achieved with the Tigers of 31.

The now fourty-eight-year-old 'Vrieske' is only the 7th pilot world wide to reach this unique achievement, and the first non US Pilot to do so.
during his Historic flight he will be accompanied by 3 other Belgian Air Force Pilots, and they will total more than 16,000 Hrs of F-16 amoungst them.