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Silver Tiger Trophy

6 Eskadra Lotnicza Wins Silver Tiger

6 EL NTM2024 Silver Tiger

During the closing ceremony from NATO Tiger Meet 2024, 6 Eskadra Lotnicza has been announced as the winner of the silver Tiger Trophy.

Another award, Special Tiger Spirit Award, was given to 211 TL.

And we have another winner

Silver Tiger Winners 2023

On The last night of NTM2023 the award winners are announced, and this year we see a new Silver Tiger Trophy winner stepping up.

The 74th Wing of the German Air Force woith their Eurofighter Typhoons are taking the silver tiger back to Bavaria. 


301 Jaguars are back

Esquadron 301 Poses in front of their anniversary jet during NTM2019 (photo by David Goovaerts)

After an absence of 8 years 301 Squadron "Jaguares" are back as flying participants in a NATO Tiger meet.
During the 2011 event, the last one hosted by EC 1/12 "Cambresis", they went home with the Silver Tiger Trophy.

This year the Portugees

NATO Tiger Meet 2016, It's over

31 'Tiger' Smaldeel poses (again) with the silver tiger trophy (NTA photo by Ulrich Metternich)

And with the setting of the sun on Thursday evening the 15 national flag's of the participating squadrons , and host nation where lowered again.
This ment that NATO Tiger Meet 2016 was over. 2 weeks of hard work have left a mark on all. with just

Nato Tiger Meet 2014 - The End

Swiss This year’s NATO Tiger Meet, ended on Thursday 26th with the closing ceremony at 18h30L followed by the lowering of all National flags. After this ceremony, the Tiger awards were handed out to the winners of the Tiger Games, for Best Dress, Best Skit

AG 51 wins 3 awards

AG51 Wins The Silver Tiger Trophy NTM2013During the closing ceremony, the tiger trophy winners where announced
With 3 trophies, AG 51 is the true Tiger...
Winning in best flight suit, best painted aircraft and for the first time... The Silver Tiger.
Other trophies awarded:

  • 338 skv

And the Silver Tiger Winner is...

31Smd Wins The Silver Tiger Trophy during NTM2012 (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

31 Squadron Wins The Silver Tiger Trophy for the 8th time in it's existence, and for the second time during a Tiger Meet at MAS Ørland, Norway, Belgian Air Force 31 "TIGER" Squadron wins the Silver Tiger Trophy.

The silver tiger is awarded to the

Tiger Meet 2010 - And the winner is...

211 Squadron proud to win the Silver Tiger Trophy during NTM2010 (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

This evening the NTM 2010 at Volkel AB was officially closed. Tomorrow all participants will return to their home base.
At the final ceremony the trophies have been awarded. And the winners are...

  1. SILVER TIGER 2010: 211 Squadron - Czech Republic 

'Cambresis' wins Silver Tiger Trophy

EC1.12 Wins the Silver Tiger Trophy during NTM2009 (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

The 1/12 squadron from BA 103 Cambrai in France are the winners of the NATO Tiger Meet 2009 Silver tiger trophy.
In a close race with Aüfklarungsgeschwader 51 'Immelmann', who ended 2nd with an equal amount off points,
but the French who scored