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Nato Tiger Meet 2014 - The End

Swiss "Silver" Tigers (NTA photo by Ulrich Metternich)This year’s NATO Tiger Meet, ended on Thursday 26th with the closing ceremony at 18h30L followed by the lowering of all National flags. After this ceremony, the Tiger awards were handed out to the winners of the Tiger Games, for Best Dress, Best Skit, Painted Tail and Best Flying. Also the Special Tiger Spirit award and Silver Tiger where handed out.
Swiss C.O. and a Crew Chief pose with the silver tiger (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

The Special Tiger Spirit Award (awarded by the 3 advisers) goes to a single or group of Tigers that have shown true Tiger spirit.

The winners of the awards are:

  • Tiger Games: EC 1/7
  • Tiger Dress: Staffel 11
  • Skit: 59/1 Sqn
  • Painted Tail: TaktLwG 74
  • Flying OPS: 6 ELT
  • Tiger Spirit: Nobby, Andy and Steve (TaktLwG 51)
  • Silver Tiger: Staffel 11

The NATO Tiger Squadrons will reconvene next year in May at Konya AB, Where NTM’15 will be hosted by 192 Filo of the Turkish Air Force.