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NTM 2024 Spottersday update

4.update NTM2024 Spottersday

Dear Spotters,
Soon it's finally happening—the NATO Tiger Meet 2024 in Schleswig begins! We would like to update you on the latest information:

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    1. Please ensure that you have your ticket in the form of a QR code, either digital or printed, as well

3rd Update NTM2024 Spottersday

3. Update NTM2024 Spottersday

Dear spotters, aviation-enthusiasts and supporters of our mission! 
It's been roughly 1 month since we opened for registration. 
A lot has been achieved but there is still a lot to do! 
We've looked into more than 3200 registrations and tried to fuse

TIGERS! Get Your Tickets NOW!

Tiger Met Spottersday

Get ready to mark your calendars because the moment you've been waiting for is finally here! We're thrilled to announce that tickets 
for the Spotterdays are now on sale!

Tickets are limited (1500 per day) and are expected to sell out fast, so grab

NATO Tiger Meet 2024 Spottersdays

Spottersday NTM2024

We proudly present the date of the spotter day for the upcoming Tiger Meet in Germany/Jagel. Stay tuned; more information will follow in the next weeks on our social media channels and website.

Nato Tiger Meet 2014 - The End

Swiss This year’s NATO Tiger Meet, ended on Thursday 26th with the closing ceremony at 18h30L followed by the lowering of all National flags. After this ceremony, the Tiger awards were handed out to the winners of the Tiger Games, for Best Dress, Best Skit

1st Week of flying already over

192Filo Take-off during NTM2014 (photo by David Goovaerts)

With the first 4 days of flying behind us, Monday was arrivals, NTM'14 is starting to pick up the pace. Unfortunately the weather is turning out to become a limiting factor. Strong crosswinds and an increased sea state meant that several missions on

Tiger Hind Over Germany

During NTM 2014 this Czech Air Force Hind flew over the German country.

Tiger Meet 2014 Kick-off

NTM2014 Flag ceremony (photo by Ulrich Metternich)The NATO Tiger Meet 2014 was kicked into motion today.

After The arrival of (most) of the participating Aircraft, we are still missing the specially painted Eurofighter from 74 Sqn and A specially Painted Rafale M from 11F. the Base Commander from

AG51 celebrates 50 years Recce

AG51 50 years recce Tornado (photo by David Goovaerts)

The German AF 51st Reconnaissance Wing (AG51 "I") celebrates it's 50th anniversary on Saturday 11 July 2009, however this anniversary will have a bitter after-taste, with the upcoming disbandment of the 2nd staffel.

A 50th Anniversary is for most