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NTM 2024 Spottersday update

4.update NTM2024 Spottersday

Dear Spotters,
Soon it's finally happening—the NATO Tiger Meet 2024 in Schleswig begins! We would like to update you on the latest information:

  1. Entry:
    1. Please ensure that you have your ticket in the form of a QR code, either digital or printed, as well as your photo ID ready. (If you forget your ticket, entry via the guest list is possible, but it will take time and delay entry for everyone!
    2. If your passport or ID number has changed, it’s not a big problem. The name on the ID should match the ticket, and the photo should match you!
    3. Arrive early and wait patiently. It will take some time at the entry control.
    4. After the entry control, a bus shuttle will take you to the spotter area near the control tower.
  2. Leaving the premises:
    1. After the end of flight operations, the premises must be vacated immediately via bus shuttle.
    2. Camping or overnight stays in the parking lot are absolutely not allowed.
    3. During the Spotter Day, it is generally possible to leave and re-enter the spotter area. However, this involves a time investment. The route from the parking lot to the spotter area and back can only be covered by bus shuttle.
  3. General rules:
    1. We would like to remind you that there is a strict filming and photography ban across the entire air base. Photos may ONLY be taken from the spotter area towards the runway. Photography is prohibited on the bus ride. Service personnel must not be photographed.
    2. FOD Prevention: All brought items must be secured or properly disposed of. Any item that gets on or near the flight operation area is a risk to the pilots' safety.
    3. SMALL! Step ladders can be brought along. Please ensure that they can be transported on the bus without inconveniencing other guests.
    4. Be considerate of each other. The spotter area is sized so that not all 1500 people can stand in the front row at the same time. Please be fair and take turns. 
    5. Under all circumstances: Follow the instructions of uniformed personnel.
  4. Arrival and departure:
    1. Unfortunately, the A7, specifically the Elbe Tunnel, will likely be completely closed in both directions from Friday, June 7, 2024, 9 PM to Monday, June 10, 2024, 5 AM. Please take this into account in your planning!