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3rd Update NTM2024 Spottersday

3. Update NTM2024 Spottersday

Dear spotters, aviation-enthusiasts and supporters of our mission! 
It's been roughly 1 month since we opened for registration. 
A lot has been achieved but there is still a lot to do! 
We've looked into more than 3200 registrations and tried to fuse those with money transfers credited to our account. We deleted double-bookings, contacted some of you to ask for alternative email-adresses as some providers keep blocking guestoo's mails or details to allocate your money.  
We managed to issue more than 2800 tickets.  
We would like to issue all 3000 and kindly ask for your help:



Please check:

  1. Did I register and confirm my email?
  2. Did I transfer the money?
    - if the answer to this question is no, please decide ASAP If you still like to participate or if we may open up your ticket for someone else. (Contact
    - if the answer is yes, continue:
  3. Did I receive my ticket via mail that correctly states my Name and Passport or ID-number?
    In case you are already in contact with someone from our team, stop right here, your issue will be sorted out by your contact!
    - if not, contact

In case you received your ticket, everything is fine and we are looking forward to host you in June!

For contacting us please structure your message as follows:

  1. Spotterday X (1,2,1&2)
  2. Full name
  3. Order number

Please limit your inquiries to ticket related issues. Please do not attach any data unless requested to do so.
There is one single person sorting out your messages.
Further Info concerning parking and administration will follow as we get closer to the TIGERMEET 2024.