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Tiger Meet 2010 - And the winner is...

211 Squadron proud to win the Silver Tiger Trophy during NTM2010 (photo by Ulrich Metternich)

This evening the NTM 2010 at Volkel AB was officially closed. Tomorrow all participants will return to their home base.
At the final ceremony the trophies have been awarded. And the winners are...

  1. SILVER TIGER 2010: 211 Squadron - Czech Republic 
  2. BEST FLYING: 338 Skv - Norway 
  3. BEST PAINTED JET: 192 Filo - Turkey 
  4. BEST TIGER DRESS: 21° Gruppo - Italy 
  5. BEST TIGER SKIT: 1 JTS - Austria 
  6. TIGER GAMES: 221 Squadron - Czech Republic 


OPERATIONS: 644 out of the planned 715 missions have been flown in 2 weeks. 

Our congratulations to all winners.
We will MEET again next year at Cambrai NTM 2011!