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NATO Tiger Meet in Italy

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This time Tiger squadrons gathered in the southeastern part of Italy to show their flags on one of Europe's largest air force exercises. The 2023 edition the annual NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) was held on the military air base Gioia del Colle, just 40km

And we have another winner

Silver Tiger Winners 2023

On The last night of NTM2023 the award winners are announced, and this year we see a new Silver Tiger Trophy winner stepping up.

The 74th Wing of the German Air Force woith their Eurofighter Typhoons are taking the silver tiger back to Bavaria. 



Last Flight Fürst

This week marked the final flight of our 'Old Tiger' and the official NTA photographer, Lt. Col. (ret.) Ulrich 'FÜRST' Metternich.

He has accumulated over 3000 flying hours on military and civilian aircraft. However, every era comes to an end, and he

NATO Tiger meet returns to Italy

The NATO Tiger Meet returns to Italy: the exercise involving armed forces from over 10 countries will take place in Gioia del Colle air base