Silver Tiger Trophy

The Silver Tiger TrophyThe Silver Tiger Trophy

The Silver Tiger story started in 1977, when the Tiger Meet was hosted for the first time by the International Air Tattoo at RAF Greenham Common. As an old tradition in the military community, at the end of meeting there is an exchange of presents, and at this event a precious tiger made of silver was donated to the tiger community by London silversmith Mappin & Webb on request of the direcctor of the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund, The late Paul Bowen.
This silver tiger soon became a trophy to be awarded during tiger meets, the winner would keep it until the next edition of a full flying tiger meet and is then honoured to stick a little silver tag with the date his unit won the trophy on the wooden base of the trophy for all to see in perpetuity.

Silver Tiger Trophy Winners

1977, RAF Greenham Common, GBR: 439 Combat Support Squadron
1978, Kleine Brogel, BEL: 31 Smaldeel
1979, BA 103 Cambrai, FRA: 439 Combat Support Squadron
1980, Cameri, ITA: Esquadra 301
1981, Bitburg AFB, DEU: 439 Combat Support Squadron
1982, RAF Güttersloh, DEU: Fliegerstaffel 11
1983, CFB Baden Söllingen, DEU: Jagdbombergeschwader 43/1
1984, Leck, DEU: 31 Smaldeel
1985, Kleine Brogel, BEL: Esquadra 301
1986, BA 103 Cambrai, FRA: 53rd Fighter Squadron
1987, BA6 Montijo, PRT: Jagdbombergeschwader 43/1
1988, Cameri, ITA: 74 (F) Squadron
1990, RAF Upper Heyford, GBR: 79th Fighter Squadron
1991, RAF Fairford, GBR: 53rd Fighter Squadron
1993, Kleine Brogel, BEL: 74 (F) Squadron
1994, BA 103 Cambrai, FRA: 31 Smaldeel
1996, BA11 Beja, PRT: 31 Smaldeel
1997, RAF Fairford, GBR: 31 Smaldeel
1998, Lechfeld, DEU: 21° Gruppo
2001, Kleine Brogel, BEL: Escadron de Chasse 1/12 'Cambresis'
2002, BA11 Beja, PRT: 221 Letka Bitevnich Vrtulniku
2003, BA 103 Cambrai, FRA: 31 Smaldeel
2004, Schleswig-Jagel, DEU: Jagdbombergeschwader 32/1
2005, Balikesir AB, TUR: 230 Squadron
2007, MAS Ørland, NOR: 31 Smaldeel
2008, BAN Landivisiau, FRA: Fliegerstaffel 11
2009, Kleine Brogel, BEL: Escadron de Chasse 1/12 'Cambresis'
2010, Vlb. Volkel, NLD: 211 Taktcká Letka
2011, BA 103 Cambrai, FRA: Esquadra 301
2012, MAS Ørland, NOR: 31 Smaldeel
2014, Schleswig-Jagel, DEU: Fliegerstaffel 11
2015, Konya AB, TUR: 21° Gruppo
2016, BA Zaragoza, ESP: 31 Smaldeel
2017, BAN Landivisiau, FRA: 31 Smaldeel
2018, Poznań-Krzesiny AB, POL: 313 squadron
2019, BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan, FRA: Esquadra 301