221 Letka Bitevnich Vrtulniku

Tiger Unit Data

221 Letka Bitevnich Vrtulniku
Námest, Czech Republic
Full Member
Member since 1997
Mi-24 Hind

The 231 LtBVr (231 Squadron) of the 23ZVrL (23 Wing) is currently based at the Military airfield of Prerov. The Unit operates the MIL Mi-24V Hind, one of the latest versions of this more than capable combat / transport Helicopter.
Established in 1995, when all Czech Hind squadrons where relocated to Prerov to form the 33rd Wing. 331 Squadron inherited the Traditions of the 1st Squadron / 51st Regiment. In 2001 the Prerov "Tigers" where officially accepted as a full member of the NATO Tiger Association, and won the Silver Tiger Trophy (a trophy rewarded to the best crew during the annual NATO Tiger Meet) in 2002.
Due to some money saving re-structuring in the Czech Air Force 33Wing was renumbered 23Wing and 331 Sqn changed to 231 Sqn.
In 2008 231Sqn moved from Prerov to Namest AB, and was relocated to the 22nd Wing, This transfer led to another change in designation from 231 Sqn to 221 Sqn.