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Flotille 11F

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Aéronautique Navale
BAN Landivisiau
Rafale M
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BAN Landivisiau
BAN Landivisiau

The 11th FLT was first mentioned in a letter dated January 25th 1919 and it is the oldest and most prestigious squadron in the French Marine Nationale. In 1940, the Squadron participated in the Battle of France from May to June flying Dewoitine D-520. After the Armistice the Squadron flew down to North Africa and initially became stationed at Karouba, later they moved to Casablanca and Port Lyaute. The French Fleet Air Arm was disbanded and all pilots from the Flottille were transferred to the French Air Force flying the Bell P-39 Aircobra and the Republic P-47 Thunderbold.

When hostilities finished in 1945 the squadron revived and began to fly the Seafire. From 1950 to 1954 the 11th Flottille carried out two campaigns in Indochina achieving 344 war missions and 950 flying hours in the F-6F Hellcat. In 1955 the Flottille fought in North Africa flying the Aquilon. In 1960 the Flotilla was assigned to the French Aircraft Carrier "Clemenceau". April 1st, 1963 was the day the Flotille received the brand new aircraft, built by Marcel Dassault for carrier ops. the "Etandard IV M". In 1967 the Flottille left hyeres to be stationed at Landivisiau, this is today still the home base of Flotille 11. In 1978, the "Etandard" was replaced by its more capable successor the "Super-Etandard". which still is the operational aircraft at this time.

The 11th Flottille does not have a tiger in their crest, however the Clemenceau carried the tiger crest when they where admitted to the NTA. When in 1997 the "Clemenceau" retired from service the squadron was allowed to keep their tiger-status for they had shown true tiger spirit in past years. Currently the 11th Flottille uses the French Aircraft Carrier "Charles De Gaulle" for its off base operations, the carrier was the home from which the squadron operated in the Kosovo crisis. The 11th Flottille is on of the squadron awaiting the arrival of the Aeronavale's newest aircraft the Dassault "Rafale M".