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Escadrille d'Hélicoptères de Reconnaissance et d'Attaque n°3

Armed Force
Aviation légère de l'armée de Terre
BA Etain-Rouvres
SA-342M Gazelle
Membership status
Full Member
Member since

Created on July 1st 1968, This Helicopter squadron is the most “war proven” of the French Army Aviation (ALAT). The EHRA 3 pilot’s first flew the Alouette III, and where armed with anti-tank SS-11 missiles. The squadron was then named the Attack Helicopter Squadron. Its symbol was then a tiger head. From the beginning of the squadron’s history, recce and attack have always been the main missions of its pilots and aircraft.

In 1977, the squadron was named the Anti-tank Helicopter squadron. A random feline head became it’s symbol. In 1999 the squadron received the SA 342 Gazelle to succeed the old Alouette. Armed with HOT missiles, the gazelle helicopters were (and still are) equipped with an optic and thermic camera. The squadron was named the Attack Helicopter Squadron once again, and was officially baptised “The felines” and the feline head in the logo was changed back to a tiger head.