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336 Skvadron

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336 Skvadron of the Norwegian Luftorsvaret or Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) was formed in July 1949 at Gardermoen Airbase. The squadron was assigned with the first jet fighter to enter service Norwegian service, the Vampire Mk.5. Just a few year later the unit transitioned to F-84G. The introduction of the F-84G, and later the F-84F happened as a direct consequence of the Military assistance program (MAP), trough which the United States tried to boost defense capabilities in Europe during the early Cold War years. In August 1957, 336 Skv got relocated to Rygge Main Air Station with their F-84F's. In the mid 60's the squadron transitioned to the F-5 Freedom Fighter. The Norwegian version of the F-5 differed from the standard to cope better with the Norwegian  environmental conditions; They where equipped with heated windshield, thicker wing skin coating, drag shoot and arresting hook. The F-5 was light an maneuverable, but as a weapon system it had its weaknesses, particularly In an interception role. in 336 their primary role was as fighter-bomber and for this task the F-5 was satisfying at that time.

As the F-16 was introduced in the Luftforsvaret one recognized the need for a fighter lead-in program prior to converting pilots to the Fighting Falcon. 336 started the introduction to fighter fundamentals, real weather flying and Norwegian flying operation in 1980-1981. This became the Sqn's main task until 1996. For a few months in 1884-1985 the 336th was assigned brand new F-16s, which they flew alongside their F-5's. Unfortunately for the pilots in the squadron the Vipers moved on to other squadrons.

Between 1985 and the mid-nineties 336 squadron was also used in the aggressor role on numerous exercises and DACT courses. Fighter lead-in and the aggressor function was the reason why the squadron was not closed down in the mid eighties. 336 skvadron was finally disbanded in 1999.