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141st Air Refueling Squadron

Armed Force
United States Air National Guard
McGuire AFB
KC-46A Pegasus
Membership status
Honorary Member
Member since

The 141st Aero Squadron was formed in 1917 as a Pursuit Squadron within the 4th Pursuit Group and operated out of France. They where equipped with Sopwith Camel aircraft and achieved three aerial victories during their brief period of frontline service at the end of the war. Their CO during WWI, the legendary ex-Princeton University world-class athlete, Hobey Baker, named "The Tiger Squadron" which was the nickname of all the Princeton sports' teams and also became the subject of their badge. He perished in an aircraft accident shortly after the war ended. The 141st was disbanded upon its return to the US and remained inactive ever after.

Our unit was formed in 1942 as the 341st FS and flew P-47's and P-51D's in the Southwest Pacific Theatre, supporting General MacArthur's long campaign to liberate the Philippines and the final attacks on Japan. In May 1946 the squadron, at that time part of the allied Occupation Force in Japan, was deactivated. The squadron was almost immediately reconstituted and re-designated as the 141st FS and assigned to the New Jersey ANG and the 108th Fighter Wing. May 1949 brought the reactivation of the 141st FS and it was initially equipped with the 0-47D. Since the 341st FS had no approved badge, the 141st took the badge and traditions of Honey Baker's 141st Aero Squadron, hereby saving the units history from oblivion. Shortly afterwards the unit was called to active duty for 21 months but didn't serve in the Korean Theatre.

Since the 1960's the unit has had a European commitment. The unit was again called to active duty during the Berlin Crisis and deployed they F-84F aircraft to Chaumont AB, France. The 141st has operated a number of aircraft over the years, such as the F-47D, F-51D, F-86E, F-84F and the F-84H until transitioning to the F-105B in 1964. They kept this aircraft until 1980, longer than any other unit that also flew this type, when it was traded in for the F-4D Phantom II. In 1985 the 141st TFS traded up to the E-model of the Phantom II and kept these until 1991, again being one of the last USAF units to fly the mighty Phantom.

In October 1991 the 141st Squadron underwent a radical change with a complete role change. They transitioned from the F-4E to the KC-135E Stratotanker, and became the 141st Air Refueling Squadron (ARS). Since 2008 the unit operated the KC-135R model of the tanker and maintains a worldwide commitment.

In 2023 the Started sending crews to be converted to the KC-46A, which will become the main aircraft from FY2024 onwards.