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1 Jet Trainer Squadron

Armed Force
Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte
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In 1961 the 1st Fighter-Bomber SQD equipped with the SAAB J-29 F aircraft "Fliegende Tonne" (=Flying Ton) was established at WIEN/SCHWECHAT. In 1962 the SQD was relocated at LINZ/HÖRSCHING (VOGLER, AFB). In the course of the 1963 reorganization the 1st Fighter-Bomber SQD was renamed 1st Fighter-Bomber Wing comprising two squadrons. The 1st SQD was tasked with ground attack and air surveillance, the 2nd SQD with reconnaissance and air surveillance. In 1966 a 3rd SQD was created, whose tasks included training and utility sorties with VAMPIRE aircraft and as of 1969 also with CESSNA L-19. In 1968 the 2nd SQD was relocated at GRAZ/THALERHOF (NITTNER, AFB ).In 1970 the replacement of the VAMPIRE and the J-29 F by the jet aircraft SAAB J 105 OE got underway and was completed by 1972. 

In 1976 the Austrian Air Division underwent new restructuring with the result that the 2nd squadron was assigned to the Air Surveillance Wing and the 3rd SQD was renamed 2nd squadron being responsible for reconnaissance. Since 1985 the Fighter-Bomber Wing has also taken on the responsibility of basic jet training. 

Due to structural adaptation efforts in 1995 the Fighter-Bomber Wing was turned into the 3rd SQD attached to Air Regiment 3 at LINZ/HÖRSCHING (VOGLER, AB). Since then the 3rd SQD has carried out basic and advanced jet training as well as air surveillance tasks. 

The reorganisation of the Austrian Armed Forces led to another change in the squadron. For two months the unit was assigned as 3 squadron to the 2nd Flying Regiment. but from september 2006 they are the Düsentrainerstaffel (Jet Trainer Squadron) assigned to the überwachungsgeschwader (Fighter Wing).