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Spotters day NTM 2016

ALA 15 Hornet returning from A NTM2008 Mission (photo by David Goovaerts)

Hello Spotters and Tiger fans,

Our Spanish hosts have provided us with some additional information concerning the Spotters day during NATO Tiger Meet 2016 in BA Zaragoza.
They have created an instruction leaflet, containing some inportent information (there is an English and Spanish version available for download)
these instruction flyers also contain where you can expect to be positioned during the spotters day, and where the main gate is located.
It also contains a limited program for the day itself.

One of the new things regarding safety is that during lunch time, the dynamic area (between taxiway and runway) needs to be cleared to allow the Display aircraft to train for their Saturday Display routine.

There is also an accreditation card, that should be printed and placed in your car to assist guards at the main gate to detect cars with spotters more easily.

Hope to see you all soon!