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AG 51 wins 3 awards

During the closing ceremony, the tiger trophy winners where announced With 3 trophies, AG 51 is the true Tiger... Winning in best flight suit, best painted aircraft and for the first time... The Silver Tiger. Other trophies awarded: 338 skv: best OPS...

1JTS becomes Full Member

The Austrian Tigerstaffel or Jet Trainer Squadron is from now on a full member Due to the fact that they have been a Honorary member for several years, and have regularly participated in a NATO Tiger Meet, the request to become Full Members of the...

New Tigers !!

On Friday 21st of June 2013, the gathering of squadron commanders approved the probationary membership status of JagdGeschwader 74, as was expected, JG 74, From Neuburg was accepted as Probationary members of the NATO Tiger Association, in the hope...

Czech Tigers prepare for NTM'13

The Czech AF 211th Tactical Squadron is preparing itself for NATO Tiger Meet 2013 and is doing this with great secrecy… As is clearly shown by this picture that they are distributing.