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NTM Main Planning Conference (MPC)


From 21 - 24th of April the Tigers gathered at Kleine Brogel for the NATO Tiger Meet 2009 MPC
Following to the Initial Planning Conference (24 - 26 November), all participating Tiger Squadrons to the 2009 NATO Tiger Meet were very satisfied after the Main Planning Conference at Kleine Brogel (21 - 24 April),

Commandant Bère Deelkens, NTM Exercise Director/Project Officer NTM 09 told us.

We had the chance to fine-tune the preparation process during the Initial Planning Conference in November last year. Thanks to the input, support and profound operational contribution of the participating squadrons, this conference turned to be very successful. During the recent Main Planning Conference, all meetings were very constructive again. It allowed us to prepare more in detail the 2009 NTM flying program, consisting of 10 flying days. The main objective is to train COMAO (Composite Air Operations) - tactics and - procedures, with special focus on Joint and Combined Operations in multiple forms of CAS (Close Air Support), Convoy Protection, NTISR (Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), NEO (Non-combatant Evacuation Operations), CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) and DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training).