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ATTENTION! NTM 2016 Spotters-day update

ALA 15 EF18+ returning from a mission during NTM2008 (photo by David Goovaerts)


There are a few practical changes concerning the spotters day during NATO Tiger Meet 2016!

  • Registration cutoff is now 24 April.
  • We just found out that the base security force will require all spotters to bring and wear a florescent vest in the spotters zone.
    They say: NO VEST, NO ACCESS.

So, don't forget to bring one!

We have noticed that many spotters are not sure that their registration was successful. therefore we have created a list where you can check if you're registration was successful or not. the list is alphabetical so you should be able to find yourself and your friends.

Find Submissions

Hope to see you all in Zaragoza.