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313 Squadron helps to save the real Tiger

313 Sqn raises money to save the real tigers313 Squadron decided to donate a part of the income from the spottersday to the spots foundation. Today we received news of what they used this budget for.

313 Squadron helps to save the real tigersSPOTS bought a quad for a unit in Russia who is protecting Siberian Tigers (only 400 left in the wild) and Amur leopards (only 50 left in the wild) from poachers.
You can see on the attached picture they have the logo of the TigerMeet 2010 on this quad and this vehicle has already proven it's use.

SPOTS also donated money to their lion project in Namibia. The lion unfortunately is also getting extinct (only 16.000 left in comparison with 200.000 a hundred years ago). Our project bought radio collars with which they can follow the movements of the lions which creates more scientific information but helps against poaching as well.

Best Regards
Simone Eckhardt
Chairman SPOTS foundation Netherlands